PBL: not about Command & Control

I’ve been thinking about how I can to do a better job at explaining to my students why I use Problem Based Learning challenges and what their role is in the process. My friend Dana Melvin (exceptional Grade 4 teacher) put me onto a couple of resources that have sparked much thinking about, amongst other things, what PBL is and isn’t.

First Tony Wagner’s book ‘The Global Achievement Gap’

…the Old world of School is still run more by command and control than are many companies…and students are accustomed to having teachers tell them what to do. And students almost never work in teams.
Tony Wagner. The Global Achievement Gap. 2008.

Second was a video called ‘What Problem Based Learning IS NOT by art teacher Jeff Robin from High Tech High, a school Wagner talks about as a place that is modeling 21C teaching and learning.

And, it was also helpful to see how the folks at Common Craft define PLB.

I’ll keep experimenting.

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