Student response & peer instruction

Student response system


AT the last PACT (Professional And Collaborative Time) English teacher Mary Onions demonstrated for English and SOSE teachers how she is using ‘clickers’ in her classes. The demonstration opened a discussion about what other tools could be used to gather student responses as an instructional strategy.

Today at EARCOS workshop, hosted at St Mary’s International School in Tokyo, Bill Sheskey introduced participants to Socrative.  It does the same thing as the ‘clickers’ but allows students to use whatever devices students have.

Having devices and equipment is one thing but how it used to support student learning is where the rub is. Therefore I was really interested to read the article Rethinking the Way College Students Are Taught in which Harvard Professor Eric Marzur‘s approach is described. The video below is from the article and is a neat summary of how Marzur has been using a student response system in conjunction with peer instruction strategies to turn the tables on lecturing.

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