Creating a Culture of Citation

We are building a culture of citation – piece by piece. We created this infographic to try to visually organize how complex this topic is for students.

Step 1. The following set of recommendations were made by faculty after being considering a case study about how well we are preparing our students for the citation requirements they’ll encounter at college.

Their recommendations were to:
1. Reframe reason to cite beyond avoidance of the penalties of plagiarism. — “Love the idea of making positive reasons for citations – the breadcrumb trail, how do you want your work to be used/cited, learning more about an idea through citations, etc.”

“How do we help students understand the idea of integrity (in a larger context) and why it is an important character trait or value. Then hopefully they will find value or worth to do maintain academic integrity.”

2. Develop consistent standards — “Discussion between departments, develop consistency and then communication of standards to students as a group.”

3.Get input for how to deal with multimedia & different types of content from faculty with expertise in the field. — “Get recommendations for media from the departments who use those media most (ie: music for audio, visual arts for images, etc.)”

4. Communicate common standards — “We have to provide the citations for our own stuff if we are going to require it of our students.”

5. Clarify
definition of plagiarism for students and teachers

support tools for students and teachers

Step 2. Get by-in. Enlist Faculty Leaders and others to lead. (We’re currently at this point.)
Step 3. Set small achievable goals.

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