Play, Passion, Purpose!


People have commented how great this years’ first week back has been at ASIJ. Dedicating time and creating opportunities to talk to people across the whole school about who we are and what we are doing has definitely been energizing.

Part of the success, I think, has been sticking to one theme and focus which sprang from our whole school reading of Tony Wagner’s books Creating Innovators & The Global Achievement Gap. We started of with conversations about the books and the ideas they contain and were invited to Agree, Argue & Aspire together. Getting Tony on board to speak to us via Skype on Thursday made the experience much more personal. From what he said it was clear he knew a bit about us and made comments that indicated he had a sense of our context. He also gave us some challenges. How do we add value? How do we create space to encourage students to pursue their passions? How to we create a culture of iteration and risk-taking?

The shark in the photo was a Playful addition to Ed Ladd’s address the faculty on Friday afternoon. He was surprised (and maybe a little delighted too) by the inventiveness of a couple of teachers carrying on the theme. (The sign dangling says ‘Play’.) I wonder in what form Purpose and Passion might take around school in the coming weeks.

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