Thinking Visually

This week ASIJ opened the new HS Library which includes a dry erase wall. Floor to ceiling in the IdeaXchange is now a visual thinking space.

IdeaXchange--learning space

A learning space in ASIJ’s new HS Library

For some time I have been wondering how we might encourage students and teachers to do more visual thinking. The unveiling of this space is a terrific opportunity to model and promote this as a valuable strategy for learning.

Over summer I was fortunate to attend a session on Visual Thinking presented by Lisa Kay Solomon and Patrick Vander Pijl, and supported by graphic recorder Giselle Chow, at the Nueva Design Thinking Institute. I was reminded of the power of getting ideas out of our heads so others can interact with them. Lisa shared ‘5Ms’–Maps, Metaphors, Meaning and iMagination–each with practical applications or inspiration to illuminate how thinking visually leverages communication and innovation. Patrick gave us a ‘drawing alphabet’ and some practical ‘how-to’ examples.

So, I’m now looking forward to putting some of their ideas to work in our new learning space.



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