AP College Board Article on technology

As a teacher of AP Studio Art I get all the College Board articles and up-dates. This came through this morning: Teachers are the center of Education: Writing, Learning and leading in the digital age. I particularly liked seeing the recommendations that came from the study. One caution though, an assumption you could make is that Language Arts is the domain that students should develop digital literacy in. I would advocate that all disciplines should be embracing digital forms of expression and communication. Some areas – like the visual and media arts – have significant contributions to make in regard to conventions of design. Likewise, we all need to be teaching and reinforcing good writing since it is a skill used right through life. Anyway, here’s the recommendations:


Effective teaching with technology requires far more than just adequate hardware and software. It takes commitment, trained personnel, planning, resources and ongoing evaluation. To meet the challenges of teaching and learning in the digital age:

• Every student, at all levels of education, needs one-to-one access to computers and other mobile devices in the classroom.

• Every teacher, at all levels of education, needs professional development in the effective use of digital tools for teaching and learning, including the use of digital tools to promote writing.

• All schools and districts need a comprehensive information technology policy to ensure that the infrastructure, technical support and resources are available for teaching and learning.

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