NYU Technology in Teaching Seminar


Pages: Flair, Flow and Function

Here are the notes to my presentation on Pages: PDF version Flair, Flow and Functionality with Pages. To download the ePub version in iBook just click on this link from an iPad or iPhone. 

The iPad app I used to create some of my graphic for the presentation is Paper 53.

Made with the Paper app


ePub – Open & Mobile

The 2011 Horizon Report (k-12) predicts that Open Content will become more mainstream in the next 2 to 3 years in schools. ePub is an open format that fits into this model. I’ve been thinking about the potential of ePub documents that can be stored in iTunes or other curation software allowing students to start to build their own libraries of content that sync to multiple devices. Documents might include teacher created e.textbooks or documents that the students themselves create.

I have been playing around with creating a few ebooks in Pages and so made a video & ebook about what I’ve discovered.